Terms & Conditions


The standard agreement between Explored Internet and The Customer

This contract begins upon receipt of initial payment and the customer agrees to this unless otherwise stated in writing.

Advertising Terms

Each customer has a minimum of 5 key phrases.

Each key phrase must be regionalised with the name of an area implemented somewhere within the phrase unless otherwise agreed.

Each key phrase will then display your advert on the first page of Google when a prospective customer types the phrase in.

This standard package is charged at £89.00 plus vat per month unless otherwise stated in writing or unless a further package is attached.


Duration of Contract

This contract will renew for one further month, each calendar month from the date of entering into this agreement.


Cancellation of Contract

Should you wish to cancel your contract at any point, send an email clearly stating your wish to fully terminate the service to customersupport@exploredinternet.co.uk.
Ensure you receive a reply to acknowledge the cancellation.
We require 21 days notice before the next payment is due to enable us to market the space now available.
If we receive your cancellation with less than 21 days notice you will be liable for one final payment before your account is fully cancelled.


Website Terms

Customers who purchase a website from us must pay for the service in full before the website is built unless otherwise stated in writing.

Once a website has been paid for, it becomes the responsibility of the customer to forward either by email or in writing any information, pictures, videos or additional content they wish to be displayed on their site. If no information is received by Explored Internet, then the web designer will build a standard site with any information available.

It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm that any photographs are of their own work and must be accompanied by a statement declaring so. Any text to be copied onto the site should be proof read and spellchecked before it is sent to Explored Internet.

Explored Internet takes no responsibility for any copyright infringement caused by the customer without or knowledge, ie trademarks, copied photographs, etc.

In the case of any additional charges being required, it is the responsibility of Explored Internet to notify the customer to arrange payment for these additional charges.

If a customer received a website at a discounted rate due to being a customer for another product, should they cancel the service for the original product then full payment will be due for the website.


Google Search Terms

Customers are requested not to click on their own adverts.  Repeatedly doing so will affect performance and could lead to the customers IP location being barred from Google.

Explored Internet Ltd provide a service to get customers onto the front page of Google, we are happy to provide stats to prove this is the case for any individual account to the account holder only.

We will work with customers to provide a range of key phrases.  Occasionally we may have to remove a phrase or change a phrase due to it not being cost effective to Explored Internet or due to problems Google have with the phrase and its usage.  In this case we would provide another key phrase or allow the customer to pay a premium for the key phrase.

Explored Internet Ltd will always abide by Google’s guidelines and should your advert or website not comply with them and UK law we may have to withdraw the service.